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Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch | Book Review

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Title: Ice Like Fire

Author: Sara Saasch

Series: Snow Like Ashes #2

Pages: 479

Publication Date: October 13th, 2015

My Ranting: 🌟🌟🌟.5


It’s been three months since the Winterians were freed and Spring’s king, Angra, disappeared—thanks largely to the help of Cordell.

Meira just wants her people to be safe. When Cordellan debt forces the Winterians to dig their mines for payment, they unearth something powerful and possibly dangerous: Primoria’s lost chasm of magic. Theron sees this find as an opportunity—with this much magic, the world can finally stand against threats like Angra. But Meira fears the danger the chasm poses—the last time the world had access to so much magic, it spawned the Decay. So when the king of Cordell orders the two on a mission across the kingdoms of Primoria to discover the chasm’s secrets, Meira plans to use the trip to garner support to keep the chasm shut and Winter safe—even if it means clashing with Theron. But can she do so without endangering the people she loves?

Mather just wants to be free. The horrors inflicted on the Winterians hang fresh and raw in Januari—leaving Winter vulnerable to Cordell’s growing oppression. When Meira leaves to search for allies, he decides to take Winter’s security into his own hands. Can he rebuild his broken kingdom and protect them from new threats?

As the web of power and deception weaves tighter, Theron fights for magic, Mather fights for freedom—and Meira starts to wonder if she should be fighting not just for Winter, but for the world.


​”I’m not just me anymore. I’m a whole kingdom. And I can’t make mistakes.”

Okay maybe this was totally my fault- forget the maybe, it was entirely my fault- because I read Snow Like Ashes I believe more than a year ago and didn’t remember some of the things that happened in the first installment.

Whatever, instead of re-reading the first book, I decided to pick up Ice Like Fire. Leaving aside that I first was like WHAT THE HELL I DON’T REMEMBER THAT I’ll just start with the review.

“What defines us is not our ability to never let them break us… What defines us is not letting them own us.”

The thing is that the last 250 pages were sooo freaking good and I was so surprised by the things that happened and having the time of my life… but the first half of the book was like meh. Nothing really was happening. Just love drama. And don’t get me wrong, I love my dramas but… in this case I didn’t really feel like it. It was quite slow and again nothing happened, just talking and blah blah blah.

BUT once you get pass that it really IS AMAZING. You get to see more of the Seasons, the Rhythms and their liders. And I enjoyed reading about other parts othe Primoria.

I loved Meira’s development through the book, and how different she was from the first installment – there’s something about the evolution of the characters that I love seeing in the trilogies/series-. All her fears and insecurities.

“I would rather be weak and human than stronger than others. I would rather the world be safe and magic free than deadly and powerful.”

I don’t even know if this is a spoiler or not so don’t blame me if you read this because I’ve wanred you, but the deaths that happen in this book are quite realistic. What I mean by that is that the author doesn’t kill a random character for no reason, nope. It’s beliavable. At least to me. And that’s something I appreciated because hey, they are at war. Or almost.

And THAT DAMN CLIFFHANGER AT THE END OF THE BOOK GUYS. Holy guacamole! I really didn’t expect it to be THAT intense. I expect so many good things to come in the third and last one.


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