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Starting Book Journaling: A Guide

Hello bookworms! I’m Nia and today I’m bringing you something different! I’m going to be creating a guide for the ones of you who are planners like me and want to start book journaling but don’t know how.

Now there’s been a super popular trend lately, which is bullet journaling, and it’s basically an agenda that you create and decorate yourself. And let me tell you it’s really handy for people who need to keep track with what they do, like me. I find it quite easy and helpful to have something I can check everything.

So I decided to do the same but focusing on book-ish stuff. Ever since I created this blog, I’ve found it so handy to have all my monthy posts, hauls, TBRs and wrap-ups written somewhere so I can know where to look when I have to write those posts.

But beware. This is quite long so I suggest you to pick something to eat or drink! Without any further ado, let’s start with this guide!



Creating a book journal is quite easy. You don’t need special suplies or anything fancy. Anything you have at home would literally work. You can use any notebook you have, you really don’t need to buy one just for this, especially if you’re starting and aren’t sure if you’re going to continue.

I, in my case, have two notebooks. One is a normal notebook I’d already owned, and the other is a dotted Leuchtturm 1917, which is the most popular for bullet journaling.


In terms of aesthetic I can’t tell you much. You can decide how you’d like your book journal to look, but I like to see pictures in WeHeartIt, Pinterest or Youtube to find inspiration. In this month, I’ve tried adding some pictures at the beginning and create a theme (violet and pastel pink as you can see in the picture above), and so far I’m really liking it. I just printed those pictures, sticked them into my journal and wrote “July” on top. And BOOM, you have your header.


Again, you don’t need fancy brushes for this. If you have any markers or pens at home, use those. But make sure they don’t bleed through the page, because otherwise it would be quite a mess!

I already had some markers and pens at home (the Stabillo Boss makers), so that was quite nice to begin with. But I’ve been journaling for quite a while and I felt I needed some more to create different aesthetics, so I got a few more tools (the pens I’ve already had at home I got them at my local store, but in case you’re interested in purchising them I’m going to be leaving links).


I got the Zebra Midliner markers and the Crayola SuperTip markers, and honestly the colours are so beautiful and they are super affordable, especially the Crayola markers.

The Zebra Midliners have dual tips, one thicker and the other thinner in case you want to paint with them. The colours are really pretty, and I got mine on Amazon in a 3 pack.

If you’re doubting and only want to buy one I would suggest the Crayola, because there are packs and they are really cheap (the 50 pack I think is the best one!).


Also I have the Staedler Triplus Fineliners, and I use them to write in my journal. They aren’t the best to coloured with, but they have a nice variety of colours and lately I’ve been using them very often.

These last ones I also got them at my local store but I’ve seen they are available at amazon!



If you want to decorate your journal, honestly it’s quite easy. I look up for images on WeHeartIt or Google and download the ones I like the most or I think would fit with this month’s aesthetic. And then I print them. Usually I create collages of those images I want to print so I don’t waste paper and I know the size of the photo and how it would fit in the notebook.

If you’re good at drawing or want to add it on your journal, you can search for certain images so you have a guide at what you want to create. I usually draw plants, flowers, or jars. They add a little bit of that extra something and also I find them quite cute. Sometimes I add some quotes I’ve been loving recently or book stacks. Other times instead of having an already existing heather I create my own! If you’re lacking in inspiration, you can look up in Youtube (there are tons of videos about bullet journaling).

Or if you don’t really like to draw or you’re not good at it, you can simply print them and then trace them. Or just simply print them and stick them on the page you want them to be, and save some work. It really depends on you, but I find it so relaxing and really like to draw in my pages.


You literally can buy washi tape wherever! I got mine at my local store but I’m pretty sure other stores or websites like Amazon or Etsy would have really pretty patterns. I didn’t search in those because there’s a good variety where I got them, and I’m pretty happy with them. Also they were very cheap, so kudos to that!

If you want to incorporate some calligraphy in your journal, there’s TONS of tools or pens you can buy that would work. The Crayola SuperTip markers I mention earlier are a great opcion, though you have to put some work. Also the most popular and the best markers for calligraphy (but are more expensive) are the Tombow Dual Brush pens, which work amazing and have so many pretty colors. Another alternative are the Sakura Koi, which are a bit cheaper and do basically the same as the Tombow ones.

If you just want a black pen to practice calligraphy or to paint, the Tombow Calligraphy Pens are increcible! I got mine on Amazon and they are so pigmented and do wonders for lettering!



This is the easiest part, in my opinion. Each month I always do the same, but I write them differently so it’s not the same and I don’t get bored.

I usually change the order, or if I find I need more space to a certain part, I make sure next month I have it. Honestly, it’s just practice and see what works more for you.

Each month I make sure I have a TBR and a Most Anticipated Releases part, because I like to keep track and see if I buy any or what I read trhoughout the month. And well… because I have a post in where I talk about them, so it’s really handy, haha.

I’ve also have a calendar (I used to do a very small calendar but I’d realised I needed a bigger one to schedule my posts and write where I wanted to post them), and a goals section, which sometimes is bigger than others. This month isn’t that big, but I really like to check and see how I did when I finish the month.

Also I have a section where I keep track of the posts I want to create for that month or the reviews I need to do. It’s really handy, especially since I started scheduling on my blog, to have some kind of guide and have everything organized.


For this month I’ve added a tracker, because I really want to see how much I do certain things and if I’m constant with others. And mostly because I really want to keep track on how many books I buy per month, LOL. I also have a book haul section, to basically know what books I need to put on my haul’s posts each month, and it’s I think the one I reach the most! I usually forget about them, and when I need to take my pictures, I ALWAYS look at that list.

And of course, there’s a wrap-up, where I put all the books I’ve read that month (usually not all since I schedule most of the posts, but you know what I meant). A couple of months ago I decided to add an expense tracker, where I write everything I bought that month, the price, the site, etc. It’s been so helpful, so I’ve been doing it since.

And that’s mostly it, guys! I’ve been really wanted to create something like this ever since I decided to start this blog, but I didn’t have time to sit and write this bible haha! I hope you found something new and I encouraged you to create your own book journal!


Do you have a book journal or have you ever thought of creating one? Let me know if you do and what things you find wotk for you or if you want to try creating one!


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14 thoughts on “Starting Book Journaling: A Guide”

  1. wow, such a great post and wonderful pictures ๐Ÿ˜
    i also have two journals – one bullet journal and one book journal. i had my book journal since the beginning of the year. i have my challenges inside, a monthly overview and every book gets a page with summary, my thoughts and some details. at the end of the month i have my stats. it’s basically a collection of thoughts about the books i read and i love it.
    but it’s definitely not that beautiful than yours ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

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