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Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About | T5W 6th

Hello bookworms! I’m Nia and today I’m going to be talking about some things I hate about certain books.

Okay, maybe I’ll be a little bit too salty in this post. But I can’t help to roll my eyes everytime those things pop up in my books. It’s in me, guys. And I have to say, a few years before I didn’t realise I dislike them so much, so don’t judge my past self. The thing is that when I’m reading a book a see any of them happen, it turns me off like no other. So yeah, I’m a grinch about them. No shame.

If you aren’t familiar with Top 5 Wednesday, it is a Goodeads group now currently run by Sam over at ToughtsOfTomes on Youtube, where each week they give you a topic and you talk about 5 books that fit that category. You can join the group here if you want to participate!

Without any further ado, let’s start with this week’s topic!


Slut Shamming / Girl Shamming

Oh, I’m the meanerst of all the Grinch comunity with this one. WHY? I love books where girls support girls and help each others out *coughs* Moxie *coughs*, so when I read a book where a girl calls other the B word, I’m equal parts sad and mad. It’s a big no for me, and something that immediately makes me lower my rating in a novel.



Okay, maybe I’m not that big of a Grinch in this one. It’s a thing: most of us hate insta-love. Who doesn’t love a good built romantic relationship between two characters. I’m all about that angst, guys. I adore slow burning romances, so I’m usually a salty potato when I read a book where there’s insta-love. I think we all do.

However, I’ll tell you a secret *shh*. Sometimes I don’t really mind. S-O-M-E-T-I-M-E-S.  It depends on the book, the characters and my mood then.


“You’re not like other girls” quote.

Oh, man, how I hate this sentence. It’s like poison for my eyes. And a mayor turn-off. ME-NOT-LIKE. I cannot tell you how many old YA books have that quote in them, and when I was 13 I probably would have been swooning all over the place, but as in right now? Nope, not for me.


They don’t go to the bathroom.

Well, honey, I don’t know about you but I need to eat reguraly and go to the bathroom, so when I read a book where they literally don’t do that, I’m like “well, how, then?”. They must be super humans, or have some time of power. Yes, that’d be it. Apparently going to the bathroom is really boring and no one wants to read about that, right?


What are your bookish pet peeves? Are they similar to mine? Let me know in the comments so we can chat about the things we dislike!

Also friendly reminder that I created a form to know about what things you like and dislike about my blog so I can improve some next year. So please check it out and thank you if you’ve done that already!


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14 thoughts on “Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About | T5W 6th”

  1. Oh yes! Those superhuman characters never going to the bathroom!
    I wonder about it all the time, but I don’t think I’ve read one where they do go to the bathroom unless it’s to sneak out a window or something.
    But I wouldn’t really want to read a scene where they go to the bathroom either.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess you’re right there! I feel it’s unecessary and that’s why authors don’t add those scenes to their books, but I’m salty sometimes because not even to take a shower??😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I cannot believe how I didn’t realise about that when I was younger, but there were a lot of books that had that quote that now make me cringe really bad.


  2. Girl yes!!!! All of these are things that annoy me too, but nothing more than the girl-shaming and slut-shaming. Just let other girls live and be happy without bringing them down or not supporting them for a stupid reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to say I’ve grown bored of insta-love. There are a few books where I like how it’s done either because of the story or characters, but mostly it’s kind of like a turn off, honestly!

      Liked by 1 person

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