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2018 Reading Resolutions | T5W

Hello bookworms! I’m Nia and today I’m going to be talking about some of my 2018 reading resolutions.

Now I’ve already planned a whole post in which I’m going to be telling you more in depth what my reading resolutions for this year will be, but I’m also going to be talking about other goals I want to archieve this year, not just for reading. But today I’m only going to be saying some of the goals I have when it comes to reading, which I have to say, aren’t that many.

If you aren’t familiar with Top 5 Wednesday, it is a Goodeads group now currently run by Sam over at ToughtsOfTomes on Youtube, where each week they give you a topic and you talk about 5 books that fit that category. You can join the group here if you want to participate!

Without any further ado, let’s start with this week’s topic!


Read 100 books

I’ve been increasing the amount of books every year, because I know I can do it. Since in 2017 I read a total of 163 books, I figured this would be a normal amount of books for me to read, and though sometimes (especially at the beginning of the year) this could be a bit overwhelming, I really want to read at least 100 books this year. I’ve written a whole post of my journal purely for motivation purposes, and I’m really excited about this.


Read more and buy less

Well… If you’ve been here for a while you’ll probably know already that I like buying a lot of books. Like, a lot. So, even though I tend to read a fairly amount of books per month, I still have a huge TBR pile that I need to disappear. So one of my resolutions for this year is buy less books. Now, that “book buying ban” doesnt’ apply to new releases (no, don’t look at me, those are the rules), so I’ll be getting some new releases or pre-ordering some upcoming books. But I don’t want to buy that many books, so it’s going to be hard.


Finish almost all my pending series

Now, I have a problem with finishing series. I have a lot of them unfinished, so this is one of the goals I have to work a bit more to archieve, because… let’s face it, I like reading books but I don’t like when they end. So I really want to finish most of my pending trilogies or series.


Read more diverse

This isn’t technically a goal since I haven’t put a number of diverse books I want to read, but I still wanted to mention it because there are some diverse books out there I really need to get my hands on. So this year I want to read more diverse books. It’s quite self-explanatory, actually.


Read a classic

Oh… I feel this is always in my yearly resolutions, but I always ignore it *shame*. I’ve been wanting to read any Jane Austen’s or classic books for a while. I even own a copy of the books I want to read. But I suck at reading classics, hence why this is always on my goals. However I hope that’ll change this year, and I finally read a classic. Crossing fingers.


What are your reading goals and resolutions for this year and which one is your top priority? Do you have a book reading goal? Let me know if you do!


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17 thoughts on “2018 Reading Resolutions | T5W”

  1. I feel you on having a lot of unfinished series! It’s actually so bad. I’m hoping to at least try to finish off some of them this year before I forget everything! 😂 I set up my reading goal to be 200 last year, and did not reach it whatsoever, but I’m trying it again this year, and hopefully I’ll make it! I don’t buy books because I can’t, but I am working on trying to read more backlist books over new releases this year, because my TBR is way out of control. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the worst part! I have a lot of unfinished series that I want to finish but I don’t fully remember what happened in the previous books😅.

      Wow, that’s an amazing goal! Good luck😊.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you, haha! I’m just the worst at not buying books, because there are some new releases I want to read ASAP and others that are so cheap I cannot not buy them😅.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh those finales! I feel you, I actually do the same. I sometimes marathon the whole series just to avoid those problems, but still I have a lot of unfinished series😂.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Goals… They can be tricky things. But I believe that you can read one classic. Just one! I’d say, since the goal is just one book, you should just grit your teeth, pick up one of the ones you already bought, and dive into it. Then you’ll have that off your chest!
    Whichever way you choose to approach it, good luck with your goals this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It should be easy, but I’m reaaally lazy with classics. I have them on my monthly TBRs, but then I find something I’m more interested to read and leave them behind😂.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really liking your goals for the year! I set my goal to 80 books since I read 72 last year. I wanted to do 100 but I didn’t want to overdo it since I have so many other reading-related goals. I also really need to read more and buy less haha. I have a mountain of books taking over my room xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 80 books is such a great goal! Good luck!

      I’m still working on the buying less read more thing😂. There have been a lot of great deals lately because of Christmas, so I’m blaming it, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Same! I’m sad because I really want to finish them but at the same time I’m a bit scared about hating the ending. But it’s definitely one of my goals for this year!


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