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Ideal Mash-Ups | T5W

Hello bookworms! I’m Nia and today I’m going to be talking about my ideal mash-ups.

I must say that I’ve hardly thought about this, because 1. I tend to forget about synopsis of books pretty quickly and 2. I really don’t know what my ideal mash-ups would be. But since it’s a Top 5 Wednesday topic, I decided to give it a go and try to create some. Forgive me if I’m not the best at it, but I’m trying my best.

If you aren’t familiar with Top 5 Wednesday, it is a Goodeads group now currently run by Sam over at ToughtsOfTomes on Youtube, where each week they give you a topic and you talk about 5 books that fit that category. You can join the group here if you want to participate!

Without any further ado, let’s start with this week’s topic!


An epic tale that combines Aladdin and Six of Crows. 

Honestly, I’m so down for this! I think it’s an amazing combo, and though I’m pretty sure it’s not done yet, I’ll definitely read it!


Anastasia meets The Cruel Prince in this dark, fantasy story.

I love Anastasia, and it’d be amazing to read a retelling that’s set in a fantasy world and that contains all those politics and dark twists that The Cruel Prince has.


With a mix of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Stalking Jack The Ripper, this novel will make you laugh while still trying to catch a killer.

I have to admit that I’ve only started a few days ago to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I absolutely adore the main character (he’s hilarious!), and the relationship he has with his partner kind of reminds me to Audrey Rose and Thomas, so I think it’d be amazing to read an historical fiction mystery/thriller book about crime solving but with that comical twist.


The Little Mermaid meets Hunted, in an amazing Russian retelling about sirens and folklore. 

I know, I know, the Little Mermaid isn’t Russian, but since Hunted is one of my all time favorite books, and I adored the folklore and mythology of the story, so I think it’d be freaking cool if someone decided to write a Little Mermaid retelling with Russian elements.


If you’re a fan of The Winner’s Curse or Hades & Persephone, this book would definitely blow your mind.

Okay, but how cool this would be? And Hades and Persephone’s retelling that combines that angstyness with some political elements. To be completely honest, Marie Rutkoski would be the perfect author for this book, and I’m anticipating this novel!


What are your perfect mash-ups? Let me know what you think of mine and definitely tell me yours so we can chat in the comments!


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8 thoughts on “Ideal Mash-Ups | T5W”

  1. I love your list! All these sound wonderful, especially the fairytale ones. I’m in love with mermaids and Russian folklore – so I need someone to write that retelling like yesterday.


  2. OMG BROOKLYN NINE NINE AND SJTR WOULD BE PERFECT!!!! Anyway, I just found your account, and it’s perfection!


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