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Bullet Journal Update: Starting a New One, Things I’ve been Adding…

Hello bookworms! I’m Nia and today I’m going to be talking about my bullet journal!

Even though these posts take forever to write, I love doing them, because it’s a really cool way to share what works for me and doesn’t, and since I’ve seen tons of people around with a journal, I also wanted to add these types of posts to my blog.

It’s been a few months since the last time I showed you my journal, and since I’ve started a new one recently I’ve been changing a few things and adding some others. However, I’m still loyal with my themes, because having a theme for each month is one of my favorite parts of having my own journal, since there are some spreads that I keep the same but I still have that feeling of having something new.

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For example, this month’s theme is circus. Last month I watched The Greatest Showman for the first time (I know, I’m the worst at watching movies, don’t yell at me), and I fell in love with the songs and the whole story, so I decided to incorporate some of that to July’s theme. And to be honest, I think it turned out pretty well.

I changed a bit the cover pages, and instead of printing just one picture for the whole page, I decided to do a little collage of pictures I loved and a quote that has something to do with the theme, and let me tell you I absolutely adore it, and I definitely will be doing that same thing on the next months.

I also draw and color the drawing that’s next to the collage. I’ve been wanting to be more creative with my journals and start drawing my own illustrations, and though I can say I’m not the best and still have lots to learn, it’s a good way to add something that I purely created.

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The calendar and my monthly TBR is still the same, because I feel it works perfectly for me. It took me a while to find something that I really love, but once I did, it’s been there for a while. I don’t think I’m going to change it in the future, because I find super easy to find the posts I want to write and schedule them (my personal stuff is mostly on my weekly spread or in the monthly calendar but underlined.

A few months ago, I used to just colored the book I read, but there was something about that that I didn’t like, so instead I decided to paint all of the books on my TBR and underlined the ones that I’ve already read, and that’s been so much better for me.

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When it comes to my reviews, posts, releases and haul, I would say it’s pretty much the same as the other months. If I feel it’s quite blank and the pages have lots of blank spaces, I either draw some doodles or print some pictures and stick them in there, just so it looks a bit more filled, but the content is pretty much the same.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just like it happened with my habit and mood tracker, and my sleep and dreams tracker. I decided not to change any of those because so far I really like how helpful they are the way I do them, and also because it’s really easy for me now to keep track with the things I do and don’t and how many hours I sleep per night.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Though I would say I added a few things since my last update. For example, in my habit tracker I added some moon phases, because call me stupid but I think my mood has a lot to do with the phases of the moon (I’m a Cancer, yup). And also I added on my sleep tracker the quality of my dreams (because there are times that I have 10 hours of sleep but I have a terrible night), and also if I had any dreams that night.

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Something I’ve been loving recently is counting the pages that I read everyday. I first saw it while watching BooksAndLala, and I thought it was such a cool way to keep track of what I read and how long it takes me to finish a book (spoiler alert: not much).

I decided to keep it monocolor instead of changing the color once I finish a book, because I think it looks cute and aesthetically pleasing. And also, because I read a lot and if I change that, I don’t think it would look good to me.

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And since it’s summer, I decided to add a list of books I want to read, series I want to start and finish, and ARCs I need to pick up this summer. I first started to write this on spring, and I adored how it turned out and find them really helpful, so I decided to continue doing them for each season.

Also since the BookTubeAThon is going to start really soon I decided to create a page purely dedicated to that (I know it’s happening in August, but I started with all of this at the beginning of July and didn’t know that!). I think it’s pretty much the same thing I do every time I participate in some kind of marathon, and though my TBR has definitely changed since then, I’m so excited to fill those things up!
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My weekly spreads are pretty much the same. I usually find all the pictures at Pinterest, and then there I select the ones that have something to do with the theme I have that month, and the colors I chose. I mostly focused on red and pink pictures, since that was my July colors, and I think it turned out pretty well.

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Something that I also have on my weekly spreads are my water trackers and the songs I love or listen to the most said week. It’s been working really well for me, and I’m always curious at how much water I drink in a day. I also write a little bit each day about how my day’s been, or the things I’d done, and though at first I thought I wasn’t going to like that and would get bored, I ended up loving those parts, and these spreads have become some of my favorites to write and create.

And well, that’s pretty much it for this month! I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully it gives you some type of inspiration if you want to start your own journal or have one but want to change some things!


Do you have some type of journal or want to start one? Let me know in the comments if you like these type of posts, or if you would like to see something else related to my own journal!


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10 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Update: Starting a New One, Things I’ve been Adding…”

    1. Ahh thank you! That’s so good to hear, and I highly recommend you to start one, because it’s just so good to decorate and organise everything! It usually takes a bit to find what works for you, but don’t give up😊.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so much! I chose that after loving The Greatest Showman that much, but it feels so good to change the theme each month😊.

      Thank you, though I’m not the best I want to improve my drawing skills, and I think drawing each month’s cover is helping a lot💕.


    1. Thank you! To be honest, I’m kind of an organized freak, so I like to keep everything clean and not messy or otherwise I would had probably quitted months ago, but that’s just me, haha!


  1. Oh my. I absolutely loooove your journal!!! I started one myself a year ago and gave up after three months because I had zero inspiration and motivation but this is making me want to start another one so badly!
    Also, I greatly appreciate the effort it took to create such a well explained and detail post. It really shows how much work you put on this and it turned out amazing!

    P.S. Do you mind telling me what notebook you use as a journal? Or where to find similar ones? I’ve been trying to find one of those that include little dots on the pages so as a guideline and I can’t seem to find any. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this you don’t have to tell me 🙂
    Loved this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I have to say I felt the same when I first started my bujo, but it was very helpful to look up for inspiration on Pinterest or see some Youtube videos. Later I’m planning my monthly themes based on shows, books and movies I’ve been loving lately, so I that way I can’t run out of ideas!

      (They take quite a long time to write, but I love writing these posts!💕)

      No problem! It’s the Leuchtturm 1917 in A5 with dotted pages. I mainly use that brand, though there are others very similar like Moleskine. I got mine on Amazon, and they have a nice variety of colors. Hope it was helpful😊.

      Liked by 1 person

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