Review Policy

IMPORTANT: Due to my huge TBR pile and the books I have to review already I don’t currently accept book requests.

If you’re a publisher or an author and want me to read your book, please read this!

I mostly read YA and NA. However I do not read any middle grade or children books. I accept ARCs, finish copies and ebook (preferible kindle) copies, but I understand due to how expensive international shipping is you’ll preffer to send me ebooks.

I’ll read them and write a review with more in depth thoughts about it but please understand that if I don’t like the book I’m still going to write about why I don’t, whilst if I love it I’ll fangirl all over it!

I’ll post my reviews in this blog, and also on my Goodreads page, on Books Amino and maybe on Instagram and twitter.

Genres I read





LGBTQ+ Romance



Genres I don’t read


Historical Fiction


Adult fantasy

Adult sci-fi


My e-mail is

If you contact me please include in the e-mail the name of the book, the publication date, the genre and the synopsis of the novel. Thank you for contacting me to read your book and I’ll answer as fast as I can!

I usually review my books in up to a week since I’ve recieved them. It may take a bit longer because I currently have another books I need to review, and so I read them in the order I recieve them.

My ranting system

IMG_0183I did not like the book. The premise sounded nice but I didn’t like the characters or the plot. I’m sorry but I’m not going to be recommending it. 


IMG_0189It was a ‘meh’ book to me. Although the promise was good it didn’t develope well and I didn’t connect with the characters the way I thought I would and found the story lacking.


IMG_0190The book was okay and I liked it but it wasn’t mindblowing. Mostly I have mixed feelings about it. I really enjoyed some things that happened in the story, but others I didn’t like it as much. I still recommend it because overall it’s a nice novel. 


IMG_0191I really liked the book. I was quite surprised and enjoy it very much! I liked how the plot developed and the characters. It was joy to read it and I’ll definitely be recommending it. Also if there’s a sequel I’ll of course want to read it. 


IMG_0192I LOVED THE BOOK! It was amazing! Even though it probably had its flaws I didn’t care because I was so engrosed by the story and characters I adored it.