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Top 10 Favourite Book Covers

Hello bookworms! I'm Nia and I'm going to be talking about my favourite book covers. Before I start this, I want to say something: I'm a book cover lover. I have a lot of favourite covers, so it was a bit hard for me to talk only about 10, because I own some beautiful books,… Continue reading Top 10 Favourite Book Covers

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Favourite SFF Covers | Top 5 Wednesday

Hello bookworms! It's Nia, and today I'm going to talk about my top 5 favourite sci-ci and famtasy covers. Now I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover (I think we all are!), so obviously a few have come to my mind when I looked at my bookshelves. If you aren't familiar with Top 5 Wednesday,… Continue reading Favourite SFF Covers | Top 5 Wednesday