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Find Me Their Bones by Sara Wolf | ARC Review

41085224Title: Find Me Their Bones

Author:Sara Wolf

Series: Bring Me Their Hearts #2

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Publication date: November 5th, 2019

Pages: 400

My rating: img_1493


No one can save her.

In order to protect Prince Lucien d’Malvane’s heart, Zera had to betray him. Now, he hates the sight of her. Trapped in Cavanos as a prisoner of the king, she awaits the inevitable moment her witch severs their magical connection and finally ends her life.

But fate isn’t ready to give her up just yet.

With freedom coming from the most unlikely of sources, Zera is given a second chance at life as a Heartless. But it comes with a terrible price. As the king mobilizes his army to march against the witches, Zera must tame an elusive and deadly valkerax trapped in the tunnels underneath the city if she wants to regain her humanity.

Winning over a bloodthirsty valkerax? Hard. Winning back her friends before war breaks out? A little harder.

But a Heartless winning back Prince Lucien’s heart?

The hardest thing she’s ever done.


“Don’t bother with the past, Zera. The future is where you’ll find your freedom.”

After the cliffhanger in Bring me Their Hearts, I knew I had to pick up the sequel ASAP. I must admit that even though I really enjoyed the first installment, I didn’t remember much about what happened in it, so I went into Find Me Their Bones a bit unsure as to what to expect. Overall I have to say that I ended up really enjoying this one, and it was a lot easier to get into this sequel that what I thought it would be.

Something that I really love about this series is how fast paced the books are. I become so immerse in the story that I can’t stop reading until I know how everything’s going to end, and with Find Me Their Bones happened exactly the same. I was a bit confused at the very beginning trying to place everything that was going on, but as I continued reading I became more engrossed in the book and finished it in two sittings, which was so surprising to me.

I also really loved how the author explored more of this world and the magic, and we learnt more about it. It was a bit more complex than the first installment, and though the plot had little to do with what was introduced to us in the fist book, I still really enjoyed the tone and everything that was going on in this one. There were some new creatures, as well as more information about certain characters’ backstories that I found super interesting and added something new to the plot, and there was a much more complex plot as well.

“And still in death my skeleton would go on, the bones moving of their own accord, and my flesh feeding its furnace.”

When it comes to the characters, I have to say that I enjoyed them more in this particular book. I don’t know if it was because I already knew them and been distanced from them for more than a year, but I adored our protagonist Zera a lot more. She had such a great evolution, and something that I loved about her was how determined she was at getting her heart back and how she was willing to do anything to get it, even if that meant betraying the people she loved. That was a themed that was explored in Bring Me Their Hearts, but it didn’t change in the sequel. There are times that when there is some sort of romance involved, the female character tends to change her vision of what she wants, but I was so happy to see that it wasn’t the case in neither of these books.

I was also a bit shocked to see that the romance between Zera and Lucien became a much lesser focused in Find Me Their Bones, and it was more heavily focused on the plot and the characters’ growth. To be honest, though I still think the last installment will have a little bit of romance in it, I didn’t miss it in this one, because I was enjoying what was going on.

The ending, again, was a huge cliffhanger, though not as shocking as the one in the first one. I liked the direction the story is taking, and am intrigued to know what will happen to these characters and what the plot will be.

Overall, I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Find Me Their Bones. It was such a fast paced story that it took me so little to read, and I really enjoyed the character arcs and the dynamics going on between them in this installment. The plot was a bit more complex, and we learnt more about the world and the magic system, which was something that I appreciated.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t change my opinion whatsoever. All thoughts are my own.

“We can’t remember who we were. We’re always hurting. Always hungry. That isn0t home. This… This isn’t a home. It’s a prison.”


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